The following client focus strategies should apply:

  • Officers must respect the solicitor client relationship and the privacy of information created by that relationship
  • All practical steps must be taken to ensure client information is not overheard or left exposed to public view whether in an office or otherwise
  • Officers must be frank and open with the client. Candid opinions must be provided on any professional matter
  • Any legal aid service must be confined to that which is necessary and reasonable
  • Officers must be aware of any limits to their competence and seek advice from supervisors where necessary
  • Clients must be kept informed of estimated time frames involved in their case
  • Upon request, clients must be provided with progress reports on any assistance being provided
  • When available, the responsible officer should receive incoming telephone calls
  • Client requests must be responded to as promptly as possible and within a maximum of three days
  • All clients attending for an appointment should be seen within 20 minutes of the appointment time
  • All work must be completed on behalf of the client as soon as possible
March 31, 2015